Teledyne LeCroy and Alphawave Semi unveil PCI Express® 7.0 signal generation, transmission, and measurement at DesignCon in Santa Clara, Calif., showcasing the culmination of their collaborative efforts with results that push the boundaries of signal transmission and measurement technologies. These results accelerate the deployment of PCIe® 7.0 technology for data-intensive artificial intelligence workloads for hyperscalar and data-infrastructure applications. Technical results will be presented at a morning DesignCon technical session followed by a live demonstration in the DesignCon exhibition hall.

Technical Session Presentation

Teledyne LeCroy and Alphawave Semi will jointly present "Correlation Methodology for 128 GT/s Operation for PCIe Gen7 DSP Based IBIS-AMI Models" on February 1 from 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM Pacific Standard Time in Ballroom B at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The technical presentation will showcase Alphawave Semi's Input/Output Buffer Information Specification algorithmic modeling interface (IBIS-AMI). This interface, integral to predicting the transmitter output performance of the Alphawave Semi 128 Gbps DSP-based Serializer-Deserializer (SerDes), will be correlated with actual measured results using Teledyne LeCroy’s WaveMaster® 8650HD 65 GHz, 12-bit high-definition oscilloscope and QualiPHY® compliance test software for PCIe 7.0. Results will show that the Alphawave Semi 128 Gbps SerDes, when measured with the Teledyne LeCroy 12-bit, 65 GHz oscilloscope, passes all expected PCI-SIG® PCIe 7.0 electrical base and compliance tests, including:

  • Transmitter jitter, 
  • Pulse response, and 
  • Signal-to-noise-and-distortion ratio (SNDR).

Live Demonstration at Teledyne LeCroy’s Booth

Following the technical session presentation, Teledyne LeCroy and Alphawave Semi invite attendees to experience a live demonstration at Booth #1249 in the DesignCon exhibition hall to witness firsthand the simulation and transmitter test validation for expected PCI-SIG PCIe 7.0 electrical base and compliance test specification requirements. The technical session and demonstration will be the first to show correlation between models and measurements for 128 GT/s data transfers using a 65 GHz oscilloscope and will play an important role in supporting PCIe 7.0 compliance program development.