February 9, 2017

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Editors Choice

Hanging out with Chiphead - DesignCon 2017 Overview

Signal Integrity Journal editors review all of the new products and technologies on display at DesignCon 2017 while hanging out with Chiphead.


High-Speed Symposium Launches at EDI CON USA

At EDI CON USA 2017 (Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA September 11-13), there will be a special High-Speed Symposium detailing the best practices used in the industry for integrating material properties into high-speed channel simulations.




Learn How to Make Signal Integrity Measurements Using Network Analyzers
By Rohde & Schwarz



Speaking Opportunities on Power Integrity and Signal Integrity

Running into old friends at DesignCon 2017 – some highlights from my return to Santa Clara and future speaking opportunities in the industry.




Simulating Electromagnetic Shielding in Electronics and Transportation Applications Webinar

This webinar will explore the EM simulation of shields at both the electronics and vehicular level, while demonstrating how special modeling techniques applied in the 3D TLM method can be used to improve the efficiency of capturing the important coupling mechanisms.



BER- and COM-Way of Channel Compliance Evaluation: What Are the Sources of Differences?
By Mentor Graphics




DesignCon 2017 Video Demos

Signal Integrity Journal shot 10 video demos in the exhibition from leading companies in the industry. Find out about the latest products featured at the event.