Wild River Technology (WRT) today announced a collaborative effort with Cadence to improve simulation to measurement correspondence using WRT’s next-generation Channel Modeling Signal Integrity Platform. 

This effort will be discussed at CadenceLIVE Silicon Valley during a joint Wild River Technology and Cadence presentation titled, “High-Performance Clarity Project Demonstrating Simulation-Measurement Correlation to 50GHz & Beyond.” The presentation is taking place during the Multiphysics in-Design Analysis track on Thursday, April 20, from 11:30 a.m. until noon at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif.

Cadence chose WRT’s CMP-50 Advanced Channel Modeling Platform for benchmarking its Clarity 3D Solver against the associated EM correlation across multiple workflows and is inclusive of WRT’s 400-800 gigabit Ethernet simulation solution for designing critical interconnects for PCBs, IC packages and systems on IC (SoIC).

CMP-50 incorporates critical structures for material identification in 3D for anisotropic materials, crosstalk analysis in both X-Y and Z directions, and a host of additional interconnect solutions that typically challenge EM solvers. This generation improves launch and via design methodology along with crosstalk analysis and changes the trajectory of traditional electronic design automation (EDA) development often conducted in a hardware- and measurement-less vacuum.

“The Wild River Technology team is well-known to be highly skilled and trusted signal integrity technologists,” remarks Gary Lytle, product management director, multiphysics systems analysis technology, at Cadence. “As such, this collaboration allows us to not only prove out the accuracy of Clarity against known measurements but also allows mutual customers to better understand how to take accurate measurements and why that’s important when simulation meets the real world.”

“The Cadence team dug really deep, and we found the simulation-measurement correspondence to be excellent,” adds Alfred P. Neves, Wild River Technology’s founder and chief technologist officer. “It’s been very productive collaborating with Cadence and its savvy engineers. We were able to address fundamental problems of practical electromagnetics using both our CMP-50 platform and the Cadence Clarity 3D Solver.”

Cadence is utilizing a host of advanced correspondence tools (S-parameters) and complementing time-domain transformed impedance data along with proprietary tools being developed that corresponds S-parameters as vectors, such as the Modified Hausdorff Distance metrics and causal material models.

The CMP-50 Channel Modeling Platform is available now and used by engineers to establish 50GHz high-confidence designs. It improves the signal integrity design methodology for common structures such as vias, crosstalk aggressors, impedance analysis, ground voids, EDA meshing, loss models, and material ID models for complete EDA benchmarking.