Indium Corporation® has announced a jetting solder paste in its line of PicoShot® products. PicoShot WS-5M is designed for customers needing an SnPb solder paste for their Mycronic MY-series jet printers. 

PicoShot WS-5M is a water-soluble, halogen-free paste developed as a result of a close, collaborative relationship with Mycronic for their MY 600/700 jetting systems. This product has been beta-tested at customer sites, showing proven performance on customer lines.

PicoShot WS-5M has been extensively tested to provide exceptional jetting performance. It delivers:

  • Smallest dot volume among pastes in its class: 6.5nl/dot, 350µm diameter
  • Precision deposit (x,y targeting)
  • Long usage (syringe life) >8 hours
  • Minimal statellites

PicoShot WS-5M is a water-soluble, halogen-free solder paste approved after joint Indium/Mycronic technical development with Mycronic’s MY 600/700 jetting systems. PicoShot can be used in applications, such as jetting into cavities and uneven/warped substrates, high-mix/low-volume stencil replacement, CSP/microBGA solder attach, military and aerospace jetting applications, system-in-package (SiP), camera module assembly where an overmolding step is required, and shield-attach and secondary processing.

Utilizing a Type 5 solder powder and an SnPb alloy, this material is inherently chemically compatible with Indium Corporation’s Indium6.6HF-HD Solder Paste. PicoShot WS-5M’s unique oxidation barrier promotes complete powder coalescence during reflow to eliminate graping and similar reflow issues. 

PicoShot WS-5M jetting solder paste is the second material to come out of Indium Corporation’s partnership with Mycronic.