Langer EMV-Technik announced they will be showing two products at DesignCon 2022, their HR-E 40-1 and PA 2522.

The HR-E 40-1 is a passive near-field probe for measuring electric fields up to 40 GHz. The measuring electrode of the probe has a diameter of 0.25 mm and can therefore resolve objects (RF traces) in this range. The probe is placed vertically and centrally on the RF trace for measurement. By placing the probe directly on the RF trace, a defined distance (0.5 mm) between RF trace and measuring electrode is achieved. The measuring tip is decoupled from the cable shield by special damping systems. In addition, the probe contains a current attenuator. The probe is designed for manual operation. To reproduce measurements the HR-E 40-1 should be used in conjunction with a positioning system, for example ICS 105. For measurements in the range up to 40 GHz, an ideal microwave cable is required. It is not included in the scope of delivery but can be ordered optionally. Either spectrum analyzers or oscilloscopes can be used for signal evaluation. 

Their PA 2522 is a preamplifier used to amplify weak measurement signals, e.g. from near-field probes. It stands out because of its by low noise behavior and a constantly high dynamic range over an extremely wide frequency range (10 MHz to 22 GHz). 

The PA 2522 should be connected to the 50 Ω input of a spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope. The preamplifier is powered by the power adapter, which is included in the case. The PA 2522 can be used, for example, to amplify the measurement signals of the Langer near-field probes. To achieve this, a near-field probe with a suitable frequency range and corresponding cable should be connected to the input of the preamplifier.