NXP’s latest S32G3 Series extends the reach of the S32G family to offer broad scalability from vehicle microcontrollers to higher-performance vehicle compute applications with software and pin compatibility.

NXP® Semiconductors has announced the extension of the S32G Vehicle Network Processors family with the introduction of the S32G3 Series with four initial devices. Software and pin-compatible with the popular S32G2 Series launched into full production in Q2 2021, these devices offer up to 2.5x more applications processing performance, on-chip system memory and networking than the current highest-performance S32G2 Series device to enable more ECU consolidation and support intelligent software-defined vehicles. With the addition of the S32G3 Series, the S32G family now addresses a broader range of vehicle applications from safe microcontrollers to higher-performance domain controllers, safety processors, and zonal vehicle compute applications.

ECU consolidation and vehicle architecture evolution to domain and zonal architectures are emerging rapidly, requiring the integration of more processing, memory, networking bandwidth, and resource isolation to support software-defined vehicles. These intelligent connected vehicles demand more advanced ADAS safety and secure real-time and applications processing to offer vehicle and data-driven cloud services that support smart mobility and smart cities.

The S32G3 Series provides up to 2.5x more applications processing, Ethernet bandwidth on two ports and on-chip system memory than the current S32G2 Series’ highest-performance device (S32G274A). Additionally, it doubles the number of isolation domains, which are critical for future ECU consolidation. The substantial performance enhancements with the same package pinout meet the needs of more demanding software-defined vehicles. The EVB3 evaluation board, RDB3 reference design, and GoldBox three rugged enclosure version, combined with a broad range of enablement software and the Vehicle Integration Platform (GoldVIP) for rapid connected gateway development, provide platform solutions to accelerate customer evaluation, development, proof-of-concept, and time-to-market.

“With the industry move to more consolidated, software-defined vehicles, there is a need for more processing and memory,” says Brian Carlson, Global Marketing Director for Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions, NXP. “The new S32G3 Series builds on the success of the S32G2 Series processors, launched into production in April 2021, by providing a significant performance boost to extend its range of vehicle applications and meet new market demands.”

Diverse applications within automotive and in adjacent transportation and industrial markets have leveraged the S32G2 Series devices since their mass market launch, leveraging the combination of safe processing, networking, and security. The S32G3 Series can extend market and application opportunities in the future with more performance and capabilities, and enable product upgrades with its software and pin compatibility.

The S32G family of devices is supported by a broad and growing partner ecosystem offering operating systems, virtualization, execution environments, applications software, boards, software tools, engineering services, deep-dive training, and cloud services. When combined with NXP’s enablement tools, NXP’s partners can help accelerate S32G customers’ product development.

NXP helps customers design S32G system solutions with companion products. The SJA1110 multi-gigabit safe and secure automotive Ethernet switch is aligned to the latest TSN standards and offers integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs, hardware-assisted security, and safety capabilities and multi-gigabit interfaces. To ensure power management architecture and the safety concept scalability from S32G2 to S32G3, NXP developed the PF53 as a companion chip of the VR5510. The PF53 is a high-performance 12 A core supply regulator with adaptive voltage positioning (AVP). NXP also offers a wide range of in-vehicle network transceivers with CAN high-speed signal integrity and security innovations. The combination of NXP’s S32G processor, SJA1110 switch and portfolio of transceivers powered by VR5510/PF53 power management addresses the biggest challenges facing vehicle networking today, including scalability, safety, security, and high-speed traffic engineering.

The initial S32G399A device has been sampled to lead customers with a production launch targeted for Q1 2023.