Keysight Technologies, Inc., and National Central University Optical Sciences Center (NCUOSC) announced a collaboration to improve the design and test validation efficiency of gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) applications, accelerating the pace of 5G and electric vehicle (EV) innovation. 

Wide band gap (WBG) materials, such as GaN and SiC, offer rapid switching speeds, low loss and withstand high temperature and voltage characteristics. As a result, these materials are leveraged in consumer power products, fast charging, electric vehicles and rail transit, as well as 5G infrastructures and data center servers. However, these advantages increase the complexity of design and testing.

NCUOSC successfully used Keysight's PD1500A Dynamic Power Device Analyzer/Double Pulse Tester (DPT) platform to establish a third generation WBG semiconductor open laboratory to improve developing and testing efficiency. As the JEDEC, a global leader in developing open standards and publications for the microelectronics industry, continues to define the dynamic testing of WBG devices, standardized tests are starting to emerge. The Keysight PD1500A DPT determines the key performance parameters, which match all standards, such as turn-on/off and switching characteristics, dynamic on-resistance, dynamic current and voltage, as well as reverse recovery, gate charge and device output characteristics.

"Keysight is happy to work with NCUOSC to help engineering teams characterize, understand, integrate, deploy and drive innovations for next-generation semiconductor technologies," said Thomas Goetzl, vice president and general manager of Keysight's Automotive and Energy Solutions business unit.

Reliable and repeatable measurements are critical to accelerating design and validation for latest technologies, including wide-bandgap semiconductors. Keysight's PD1500A DPT intelligent functions, such as fully automatic parameter extraction software based on IEC and JEDEC standards, loop testing, voltage and current sweep testing, and automatic high temperature testing can help drive future innovations.

"Keysight's PD1500A DPT enables NCUOSC to reliably characterize wide-bandgap devices and effectively innovate GaN and SiC applications. Its safety protection, scalable and optional test fixtures deliver the flexibility we needed for future expansions," said Professor Yue-Ming Hsin, Director of NCUOSC. "In addition to the PD1500A, we also setup the Keysight B1505A/N1265A Power Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer to serve the complete and crucial characterizations of WBG semiconductors. It's our pleasure to collaborate with Keysight and contribute to the ecosystem of 5G/6G and electric vehicles."