Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today announced the N1092AN1092B and N1092DDCA-M sampling oscilloscopes, which are ideal for 25/100/400 Gb/s optical test. Networks of 100 and 400 Gb/s rely on multiple-lane transmitters based on 25 Gb/s class lasers. As these technologies become mainstream and transition to high-volume manufacturing, there is a growing need for test systems that provide high accuracy at a low cost.

The N1092X DCA-M is a sampling oscilloscope family designed specifically to perform compliance tests quickly and accurately. New low-noise, low-jitter technology allows measurement of low-power, high data rate NRZ and PAM-4 devices that could not be performed with any other solution. The N1092X oscilloscopes’ FlexDCA user interface is identical to that used in the industry-standard 86100D DCA-X sampling oscilloscope, allowing a drop-in replacement for existing test systems, but with substantially faster throughput, a much smaller footprint and more than double the sensitivity.

“We worked closely with several partners to develop a different approach to testing optical transmitters,” said Dave Cipriani, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s oscilloscope business. “It was important for Keysight to enable these customers to make high-quality products at lower prices while not sacrificing accuracy for cost. This is reflected in the big gains we made in noise and jitter reduction while providing substantially higher throughput. As we transition to PAM-4 technologies, these performance improvements should prove to be even more valuable.”

The N1092X Series is available in three model numbers to fit a variety of applications and budgets. The N1092A has one optical channel, the N1092B has two optical channels and the N1092D has four optical channels. Channels have calibrated reference receivers for industry-standard compliance test from 20 to 28 Gb/s rates and are compatible with single-mode and multimode fibers and wavelengths. The oscilloscopes’ costs are approximately half of existing systems with comparable performance.

Additional information about the N1092A, N1092B and N1092D DCA-M sampling oscilloscopes is available at Images of the oscilloscopes are available at

U.S. Pricing and Availability

 Pricing for the Keysight DCA-M sampling oscilloscopes is $66,500 for the N1092A (single optical channel), $106,500 for the N1092B (dual optical channels) and $186,500 for the N1092D (quad optical channels). Contact Keysight at for more information.