Semtech Corporation announced full production availability of the GN2538 and GN2539, Semtech’s latest Tri-Edge™ CDR chipset to enable next generation data center interconnectivity over multi-mode fibers. The GN2538 is a dual channel 50G PAM4 CDR with integrated VCSEL drivers and the GN2539 is a dual channel 50G PAM4 CDR with integrated linear transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs). This chipset is the most recent addition to the proven Tri-Edge CDR platform, and the low power and ease of implementation of the GN2538 and GN2539 will allow major data centers to upgrade their intra-data center interconnects and enhance overall performance. 

The growing need for information has altered data center demands with more industries and consumers turning to online processes and activities like streaming, social media, e-commerce and telemedicine. The COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified data consumption and usage trends as more businesses shifted activities online, putting an emphasis on data and compute availability. Semtech's Tri-Edge SR CDR solutions offer low power and reduced latency to enable seamless data transfer despite growing data rates, while offering lower power dissipation that helps reduce the environmental impact of data centers. 

“Our customers have fully tested the solutions confirming interoperability with 100G ports of commercial Ethernet switches used in major data centers. The integration offered by the analog PAM4 GN2538 and GN2539 chipset enables reduced cost, and delivers the highly desired low power and low latency performance that meets the needs of high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud data center networks. This chipset is also fully compliant to the 50G per lane multi-mode fiber Open Eye MSA specification,” said Julius Yam, market manager, Data Center Products in Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group.

The laser driver integrated in the GN2538 includes proprietary VCSEL compensation to enable a wide range of VCSEL options with fully adaptive input equalization and easy startup to streamline system bring up. The integrated linear TIA in the GN2559 provides receiver performance with reliable adaptation and includes configurable output de-emphasis enabling robust and compliant electrical interfaces. 

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