Teledyne e2v has underlined its commitment to revolutionizing RF systems through the ongoing development of highly-differentiated mixed signal solutions. The company has successfully demonstrated next generation data converter technology that its engineering team is currently in the process of testing. 

Representing a milestone in the progression of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), the 12-bit EV12PS640 complements Teledyne e2v’s recently announced microwave digital-to-analog converter (DAC) devices, the EV12DD700. This pioneering ADC proof of concept is able to deliver performance parameters that are beyond the scope of anything currently on the market. Supporting 11GSamples/s operation, it can achieve super-high frequency direct sampling - reaching all the way into the Ka-Band frequency (26 GHz and above). The EV12PS640 will offer a very wide dynamic range.

The company has prepared video demonstrations of the EV12PS640 microwave ADC in action and the DAC EV12DD700 which can be viewed here: EV12PS640 microwave ADC Demo and DAC EV12DD700 Demo.

Direct microwave sampling has numerous benefits. First, it eliminates the need for frequency translation, which means that the risk of signal distortion occurring is reduced considerably. Next, it offers software-defined versatility across multiple frequency bands up to Ka. This means that systems are much easier to optimize for different application scenarios, as well as providing a platform for them to be reconfigured on the fly. Through a direct microwave sampling approach, it is possible to streamline data conversion hardware significantly. Teledyne e2v is introducing, for the first time, 50Ohm single-ended inputs (for both clock and analog inputs). This thereby suppresses the need for a balun, resulting in a lower bill-of-materials and associated real estate savings. It is thus easier to interface with the RF system (which is classically working under 50 Ohms characteristic impedance).

As a result of all this, direct microwave sampling is starting to prove itself to be highly advantageous in systems where there are power budget or space limitations that need to be respected, or where some degree of configurability is mandated. Now, by taking direct sampling into Ka-Band frequencies, Teledyne e2v is set to enable a broad range of high-end RF applications to be addressed. The EV12PS640 will therefore be of particular relevance to the future architecture of avionics, military, space, as well as the test and measurements sectors.