AmpliTech Group, Inc. announced that it and its joint venture partner SN2N LLC have delivered a fully working proof of concept of their field programmable gate array (FPGA) solution, with an intelligence-community-caliber hardware encryption communications channel. 

This joint development effort was designed to provide clients with a unique layer of security at the hardware level without sacrificing performance while addressing the growing need for additional security in solutions that require wireless connections. The successful test verification of the FPGA solution enables the team to move into transferring the technology achieved into commercial-grade programmable application-specific integrated circuits with integrated hardware security.

This international patent-pending technology is based on proprietary chipsets, which provide extremely secure data transfer to the cell towers of any mobile service provider, high speed public Wi-Fi clouds, automotive electronic control units, servers, routers, PDAs, cell phones, etc. AmpliTech is the exclusive manufacturer for the low noise amplifier (LNA) product line used with this encryption technology.

Security is a top concern for any entity transmitting data. Hacking events worldwide have proven to be costly, and with the amount of money paid in ransoms, this hacking activity is expected to increase and continue for years to come. Currently, amplifiers used by companies on any type of infrastructure having to do with wireless transmissions are not themselves encrypted at the hardware level and stand to benefit greatly from the joint venture's communications solution, designed to deliver far greater bandwidth, higher data transfer speeds and integrated hardware security.

The market opportunity is being fueled by anticipated rapid growth in the deployment of low Earth orbit satellites communications, as well as the build-out of true 5G communications networks that can achieve transmission speeds of up to 20 Gbps or approximately 400X faster than current 5G performance of roughly 50 Mbps. The joint venture's solution seeks to allow network providers to achieve substantially improved data carriage capacity, speed and security, while significantly reducing related Capex requirements, enabling AmpliTech Group to be the only provider of 5G networks with this anti-hackable encryption security solution.

CEO Fawad Maqbool, stated, "SN2N was formed by a highly experienced team of cyber security experts to provide affordable state-of-the-art hardware-based security technologies previously only available to the global intelligence community for National Security applications. We both see today that the lack of hardware-level encryption in communication systems today could pose threats to communication systems across industries. Our vision is to address the urgent need to provide secure next-generation data transmission capabilities to support the projected exponential growth in data transmission in the coming years.  AmpliTech Group’s 20 percent ownership of SN2N, with exclusive use of the technology for all wireless LNA applications, underscores AmpliTech’s commitment to innovation and leadership in building upon our best-in-class solutions to deliver new and enhanced products with unrivaled performance and value to our customers. Our size and innovative culture enable us to move quickly and efficiently—something that is largely impossible at larger, less entrepreneurial companies.”