April 28, 2020

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How Not to be Confused by S-Parameters

By Eric Bogatin

S-parameters have a rich mathematical formalism in which there is no ambiguity. But when it comes to translating the mathematics of S-parameters into the practical interpretation of an interconnect’s electrical properties, confusion can slip in by way of an inexperienced user spreading misconceptions to a new user not sure what is important and what is not. In this article, Eric reveals seven features of S-parameters that are confusing and how not to be confused.

From the Archives

Ensuring High Signal Quality in PCIe Gen3 Channels

By Anil Kumar Pandey

The increased data rates of today’s high-speed Input/Output (I/O) buses make maintaining transmission channel signal quality all the more challenging. One reason for the challenge is the parasitic effects that result from bus interconnects.

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LXI-Digitizers Get Additional I/O Lines for Mixed-Mode Testing

Spectrum Instrumentation has extended the capabilities of its popular LXI/Ethernet-digitizers by adding a powerful mixed-mode testing option. This option is available on four different models, all featuring eight analog input channels that synchronously sample signals at rates up to 5 MS/s, 20 MS/s, 40 MS/s or 125 MS/s with 16-bit resolution.

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Laird R&F Products Adds Ability to Equip Foam Microwave Absorbers for ‘All-Weather’ Use

Laird R&F Products recently added the ability to protect foam absorbers from moisture and heat—making them suitable for use in all outdoor environments. Broadband and lightweight, foam absorbers offer military and aerospace design engineers a valuable alternative to elastomers when seeking to minimize signal interference from direct reflection.



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Extended Length 2.92mm Edge Launch Connector for Panel Mount Applications

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The ELFXL40-001 extended length edge launch connector is a new addition to the ELFT40 higher performance product line. Suitable for applications where the connector is mounted to a panel with a jam nut. The same pin size as the ELFT40-001 connector configured for thinner substrates. Parts are in stock. Learn more.

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  • Semiconductor Device Modeling for Switched-Mode Power Supply Circuit Simulation – April 29
  • How to Find the Elusive Dynamic Switching Current of your FPGA Power Rail – May 6
  • Robust Design Workflow for Signal Integrity – May 7
  • 5G NR Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) Overview and Test Challenges – May 28

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