December 11, 2018

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We Live in the White Space

By Eric Bogatin, Joshua Lynn Biggio, and Allison Roney

If you are working on chip and package design, ground bounce is an important concern.  SIJ Technical Editor, Eric Bogatin and his University of Colorado students share the results of a study in best design practices to minimize ground bounce noise. Learn more about their study.



Maxim’s SIMO PMICs Shrink Power Regulator Size in Half for IoT Devices

Designers of small, battery-powered electronics can enhance the user experience by extending battery life and further shrinking device size with six new low-power power-management integrated circuits (PMICs) from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Keysight Technologies Bolsters Support Services, Helping Customers Rapidly Deliver Solutions from Design to Manufacturing

Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced KeysightCare, a new service model that offers design and test engineers dedicated, proactive support for instruments, software, and solutions. KeysightCare offers access to a range of resources such as technical experts, training materials, productivity tools, knowledge centers, and success managers, to speed customer innovation, and accelerate product time-to-market.


SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes

Simulating Lightning Attachment and Strikes on Aircraft

By SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes

Electromagnetic (EM) simulation offers an alternative approach for analyzing an aircraft’s susceptibility to lightning and other electromagnetic environmental effects (E3). This whitepaper demonstrates how virtual EM aircraft testing can be performed with CST Studio Suite and how simulation can complement physical prototyping in the aerospace industry.


Samtec Workshop: Increasing Broadband Interconnect Characterization - EDI CON 2018

Discover the interface discontinuities that limit bandwidth from the connector to the PCB launch. A PCB launch design pattern was proposed that enables measurement up to 60GHz. In addition, PCB manufacturing variations can dramatically affect the effective measurement bandwidth. Watch Gustavo Blando, Ted Ballou, and Scott McMorrow's presentation from EDI CON USA 2018 to learn more.


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