Simberian Inc. will participate in the DesignCon 2019 conference and exhibition, January 29th – 31st at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Simberian will be presenting Simbeor THz electromagnetic signal integrity software updated with distributed computing on Linux platform, Simbeor SDK module with API for design automation in C/C++ and Matlab, and with completely automated post-layout de-compositional electromagnetic analysis.

Simberian Inc., an industry leader in electromagnetic simulation technology, will demonstrate updated Simbeor THz electromagnetic signal integrity software at booth #503 at DesignCon 2019. Updated Simbeor THz is the industry-first tool with the validated automatic post-layout de-compositional electromagnetic analysis – almost all structures on test boards can now be simulated without manual adjustments. To accelerate pre- and post-layout electromagnetic analysis, Simbeor 3DML and 3DTF solvers in the updated Simbeor THz are parallelized on a loosely coupled grid of Linux computers available over internal, worldwide or cloud networks (only Windows version was previously supported). It further reduces the cost of PCB/packaging interconnect design. The distributed computing on Linux platform further reduces cost of PCB/packaging interconnect design and strengthens Simbeor #1 position in the electromagnetic SI software price-performance category. Simbeor THz technologies are now available as Simbeor software development kit or Simbeor SDK. Simbeor SDK provides API to solvers and tools and can be used for design automation with scripting in C/C++ and Matlab languages and as a component in other EDA tools. Simbeor THz, Simbeor Agent for Linux and Simbeor SDK are now available for customers and trials at

Simberian’s technology and achievements are recognized at DesignCon 2019 with two nominations for the prestigious industry awards. Paper A. Manukovsky, Y. Shlepnev, Effect of PCB Fabrication Variations on Interconnect Loss, Delay, Impedance & Identified Material Models for 56-Gbps Interconnect Designs, co-authored by Intel and Simberian, has been chosen by Technical Program Committee as a finalist for the DesignCon 2019 Best Paper Award. Simberian’s founder Yuriy Shlepnev has been also selected by SI community third time as a finalist for the DesignCon Engineer of the Year Award.

Visit Simberian at Booth #503 or for more information on Simbeor THz. Simberian Inc., +1-702-876-2882,