October 2, 2018

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Executive Q&A: Roger Tushingham, Rogers Corporation

By Janine Love

Recently, Signal Integrity Journal sat down with Roger Tushingham, the VP of Marketing and R&D for Rogers Corporation’s Advanced Connectivity Solutions to talk about how to foster innovation and bridge the gap between research and commercial development in the materials industry. Learn more from the executive one-on-one.


Samtec Releases Over 100,000 New Models on SnapEDA

Samtec is releasing new digital models for over 100,000 of its products on SnapEDA, the circuit board design library. With this new collaboration, designers can now easily discover, download, and design with over 100,000 ready-to-use Samtec connector models, helping accelerate the design process.


New Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Accelerates DSP Performance for Time-Critical Control Applications

Microchip announced the new dsPIC33CK Digital Signal Controller (DSC) with expanded context selected registers to reduce interrupt latency and new, faster instruction execution to accelerate Digital Signal Processor (DSP) routines.



Rohde & Schwarz


Safe Debugging of Embedded Power Supplies

By Rohde & Schwarz

Embedded power supplies combine traditional power supply components with multiple sensors, processing and control logic as well as digital communications interfaces. Test equipment for debugging requires isolated input channels for measurements of hazardous voltages. Download the app note to learn more.

EDI CON 2018

EDI CON USA Event Highlights

We hope to meet you Oct 17-18 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. EDI CON USA Conference Pass holders have access to all events at EDI CON USA (including both parties). Drop in for a day or soak up everything across both days. See the technical program and register here. Enjoy 30% off conference pass admission with code: #EDICON18.

2018 event highlights: The 5G Symposium, High-Speed Digital Symposium, Autonomous Driving panel, Career Insights Panel, EDI CON University (IEEE/PDUs awarded), plenary keynote talks, technical papers, workshops, & speed training, Expo hall full of innovators and the Frequency Matters Theater.

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