Yanice Baidouri

Yanice Baidouri

Yanice Baidouri is currently pursuing his engineering studies at CentraleSupélec, Paris, France. At Circuit Foil Luxembourg, as an R&D engineer, Yanice is researching the effects of copper foil roughness and passivation on insertion loss.


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Finite Element Modeling of Copper Foil Loss From AFM Measurements

DesignCon 2023 Best Paper Award Winner

The roughness of copper foils has a detrimental effect on signal loss in PCBs. Therefore, reducing roughness is crucial in minimizing signal loss. Nevertheless, roughness is essential to ensure a good adherence between the prepreg and the copper foil. A compromise must be found between adherence and power integrity. This paper presents a novel approach to evaluate signal loss without assuming any specific roughness shape.    

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