Ömer Yildiz

Ömer Yildiz graduated from Hamburg University of Technology(TUHH).In December2016 he received his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering while specializing in Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetic Compatibility. In January 2017 he joined the scientific staff at the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory, TUHH, where he focuses on the design and efficient modeling of functional via structures as microwave components in LTCC multilayered substrates.



Efficient Sensitivity-Aware Assessment of High-Speed Links Using PCE and the Implications for COM

While a channel may pass a test, the remaining margin and thus its resilience against geometry or material variation in production may not be observable. However, such variations are critical because they may impede the performance or cause high volume manufacturing (HVM) products to fail. This coalition of authors has developed and demonstrated a polynomial chaos expansion (PCE) flow to analyze a full-featured 100GBASE-KR4 link starting from geometry specification to Channel Operating Margin (COM) margin at the receiver. Read on to see their award winning paper on the subject.

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