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The Designer’s Guide to: Common Considerations When Selecting a MHz Crystal

Billions of crystals are manufactured annually to be used in virtually every electronic device. From mobile phones and fitness trackers to cars and cell towers, crystals are the heart beat of products we depend on daily. Crystals are the fundamental building block of electronic oscillator circuits that create an electrical signal with precise frequency. Learn more with Epson’s Designer’s Guide to: Common Considerations when selecting a MHz Crystal.

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Verifying Power Integrity For DDR Memories

A key challenge for embedded devices with DDR memories is to maintain signal integrity in the presence of power and ground rail fluctuations. This becomes even more important as supply voltages decrease and switching speed increases leading to tighter power rail tolerances and jitter requirements.

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Gate Drive Measurement Considerations

The more successful a gate driver is in reducing power-up and power-down times, the bigger the headache for accurate measurements. Both choosing the right probe and optimizing the probing technique are significant factors in improving measurement accuracy. This white paper provides guidelines.

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DDR3 Data Eye Diagram Testing

Compliance testing is essential to ensure that dynamic random access memory (DRAM) signals meet specifications in timing, slew rates and voltage levels. To quickly check signal qualities, eye diagram testing can provide insights into signal integrity conditions in a much shorter time.

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