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EPC Introduces 100 V eGaN® Power Transistor

30 Times Smaller Than Comparable Silicon and Capable of 97% Efficiency at 500 kHz

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) announces the EPC2051, a 100 V GaN transistor with a maximum RDS(on) of 25 mΩ and a 37 A pulsed output current for high efficiency power conversion in a tiny 1.1mm2 footprint.

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KPD’s Syfer Brand Increase AEC-Q200 Product Offering

Under the Syfer brand, the AEC-Q200 series of MLCC capacitors has had a range extension increasing the available working voltage from 2kV up to a maximum of 4kV.  Designed for EV applications where ever higher voltages are needed, but where a margin for derating has to be accommodated for - ideal for power train use, like battery management and invertors.

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Introduction of Altair Inspire and Altair 365 Poised to Transform Product Development

Altair announced the release and immediate availability of the Altair Inspire™ simulation-driven design platform, and the Altair 365™ cloud collaboration platform.  This new platform brings together simulation solutions for generative design, engineering analysis, and manufacturability under a single, intuitive user environment, appealing to designers and engineers with little or no simulation experience.

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