May 1, 2018

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Moving from 28 Gbps NRZ to 56 Gbps PAM-4 - is it "free lunch"?

By Yuriy Shlepnev

If we know how to design interconnects that correlate with the measurements for 28 Gbps NRZ, is it going to be a "free lunch" to move to 56 Gbps NRZ? Not so easily, as I learned recently. Read on to see how you can benefit from some analysis and validating your tools.

Würth Elektronik  

Step Down Converter, Inductor and Capacitors in a Compact Package

Würth Elektronik eiSos expands its product series of power modules with high power density, very few external components and outstanding electromagnetic compatibility. The step-down converter with variable output voltage is a particularly compact solution in a LGA-6EP package (dimensions 3.2 × 2.5 × 1.6 mm). Learn more.

Passive Plus  

Custom Assemblies Available

Passive Plus, Inc. offers Custom Capacitor Assemblies for high power requirements. Typical assemblies are configured in series and/or parallel combinations, producing higher voltage/current handling capabilities, extended capacitance range and tighter tolerances. PPI works with requesting engineers to determine best assembly for their applications.


Rohde & Schwarz


Fast Analysis of Sporadic Errors With Segmented Memory and History Function
By Rohde & Schwarz

Equipped with the R&S®RTB-K15 and the R&S®RTM-K15 options, the R&S®RTB2000 and the R&S®RTM3000 offer a history function with a segmented memory of 160/400 Msample per channel. The R&S®RTA4000 oscilloscopes provide a segmented memory of 1000 Msample per channel as standard. This covers analog and digital channels and the memory can be divided into several steps. Discover more.


EDI CON USA 2018 Opens Call for Abstracts

It's time to dust off your laser pointer and analyze your latest R&D results. The EDI CON USA Call for Abstracts is OPEN. This year, we will be in sunny Santa Clara, CA at the Santa Clara Convention Center October 17-18. If you are willing to share your expertise in RF, microwave, signal integrity, and/or power integrity, we would like to hear from you. Our Technical Advisory Committee is standing by ready to review your abstract. Submit by May 31st to join the fun!

Upcoming Webinars

Rohde & Schwarz

Power Integrity Measurements: Challenges and Best Practices

This webinar will provide the latest update on technical benefits addressed by specialized power rail probes uniquely designed for power rail measurements. Background on minimizing noise and proper methods for probing will be presented along with measurement examples.

Visit our archived webinars page for educational resources on various design and measurement subjects and view at your convenience.
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