March 27, 2018

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Transient Load Tester for Time Domain PDN Validation

By Ethan Koether and Istvan Novak


Power distribution networks (PDNs) delivering power to ICs in a system need to be thoroughly designed and analyzed in order to make sure any voltage fluctuation on the rail is within the tolerance of every IC connected to that rail. As ICs on the rail draw power, they generate a voltage fluctuation on the rail. Learn more.


Tektronix Speeds Debug for 400G PAM4 Designs

Tektronix, Inc., introduced the 56 GBd 400G PAM4 optical probe for use with Tektronix DPO70000SX Series real-time oscilloscopes. Joining the 33 GHz DPO7OE1 introduced last year, the new 59 GHz DPO7OE2 single mode optical probe delivers the performance and advanced debug capabilities designers need to troubleshoot 400G PAM4 components and reduce time to market.


ZTE Announces Breakthroughs in Single-Wavelength 50G PON and Big-Video Transmission

ZTE Corporation announced a new-generation architecture solution for single-wavelength 50G-PON bi-directional symmetrical transmission and a video transmission solution that was tested on the basis of commercial G-PON technology at the 43rd edition of the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition recently held at the San Diego Convention Center.


University of Oxford


Signal and power integrity, PCB design, EMC/EMI - Short courses for professionals at the University of Oxford in June/July 2018

Courses for professional engineers in high-speed digital and analogue design, PCB design, EMC/EMI engineering - taught by the world’s leading industry specialists. Get the details.

EDI CON China 2018

EDI CON China 2018 Announces Winners In Innovation Awards

Winners from the EDI CON China 2018 Innovation Awards were announced by Winson Xing, editor of Microwave Journal China, on the exhibit hall floor at EDI CON CHINA on Tuesday March 20, 2018 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, China. This award program honors products that have had the greatest impact on the industry this year, providing the tools necessary to bring on the next generation of electronic design innovations.

Upcoming Webinars


Keysight Webcast: Decoupling Capacitor Optimization for Power Integrity

Learn how to use ADS PIPro to generate Electromagnetic (EM) models that account for PCB parasitics and then use the models to optimize the decoupling capacitors for low milliohms of impedance. See an example solution with a full end-to-end circuit simulation using state-based-average models for the point of load (POL) dc to dc converters, PCB EM models, and package/die models.

Rohde & Schwarz

Best Design Practices for Systems with PDN Noise Sensitive Designs Like PLLs, ADCs, and DACs

Most of the power integrity focus is on high power devices, such as FPGAs and CPUs. Most systems also include sensitive circuits including LNAs, clocks, and PLLs, often even within the FPGAs. These sensitive circuits can be sensitive to microvolts of noise. The challenge is that over-designing the power supply adds unnecessary cost while under-designing the power supply results in suboptimal performance. In this webinar we’ll provide the essential information you need and allay your fears.

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