Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT), a division of Carlisle Companies (CSL), is exhibiting at the upcoming DesignCon 2018 Expo in Santa Clara, CA, Jan. 31–Feb. 1, 2018 in booth #648. CarlisleIT is introducing an updated CoreHC™ interconnect solution and brand-new Card Edge Connectors contact system as part of its integrated line of high-performance microwave cables and precision RF and high-speed digital connectors for Test & Measurement applications.

CarlisleIT’s CoreHC interconnect solution direct attach cable assembly is a multi-channel, test point system targeted for high-density boards where space is limited. It offers reduced trace lengths and higher signal integrity compared to boards using traditional SMA-type connectors. On average, there is four times higher available bandwidth for signals in the same real estate as SMA connectors. This latest version of the CoreHC interconnect solution is now a solderless, one-piece interface for PCB vertical and edge launch in a small footprint, which will save time and reduce overall costs because no soldering to the board is required. It is also designed for high-cycle capability without sacrificing signal integrity.

The Card Edge Connectors contact system is designed for high-speed, high-density applications. It has a smooth mating surface area, which reduces the wear and tear of contacts and increases the durability and cycle life of the contact system. It saves space and cost with a contact pitch of 0.8mm, minimized stub length and integral ground blade for high performance. It also lowers insertion and withdrawal forces while supporting data rates up to 25GHz with excellent signal integrity.

CarlisleIT offers complete, end-to-end Test & Measurement cable and interconnect solutions designed to improve performance, time-to-market and overall supply chain costs. Learn more about the products CarlisleIT will be showcasing at DesignCon 2018 here.