August 15, 2017

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Ground Rules for Grounding

By Eric Bogatin

Ground is NOT a current return path. Read on to see Todd Hubing’s four rules of effective grounding strategy.

SI/PI Measurement

SI/PI Measurement Lab Shows How To Make Critical Measurements

By Janine Love

If you want help measuring things, there’s no cheaper way to do it than this! Find out how to get involved.


EDI CON USA Adds IBIS Summit to Its Premier Program Line-Up

IBIS summits promote exchanges of ideas and methods among users and developers of IBIS models and associated tools. The IBIS Open Forum Calls for Participation and Presentations at EDI CON USA, see the details.


Dr. Eric Bogatin, Editor of Signal Integrity Journal will chair the High-Speed Digital Symposium. This special event requires a conference pass. Use code AUGUST to save 60% and pay only $200 for a three-day pass.




Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB Type-C: Testing in the Fast Lane

By Anritsu Company

This article delves into the emerging test and measurement challenges at a time when signaling frequency and data speed continue to rise in both Thunderbolt™ and USB 3.1 interconnect domains.


Signal Integrity Webinar

Upcoming Webinars


High-Speed Digital Field Visualization of Currents and Crosstalk

Learn how to use visualization of electromagnetic fields, currents and power flow in the interconnect design. Understand where currents and power flow in uniform interconnects, what happens if reference conductors are compromised, and how traces and viaholes become coupled.

Anritsu and Samtec

Test, Measurement, and Analysis of PAM4 Signals Signal Integrity Webinar

Get an introduction to the nuances of PAM4 signaling and techniques for evaluating if PAM4 is necessary for a given system in addition to test techniques for evaluating PAM4 signals and the performance of PAM4 receivers.


Bridging the Electro-Thermal Divide Webinar

This webinar will discuss electro-thermal design solutions to problems resulting from increased power densities in electronic products. But in order for these solutions to actually work, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers need a better way to design and collaborate so that electronic products are robust and meet reliability specifications.

Visit our archived webinars page for educational resources on various design and measurement subjects and view at your convenience.

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