Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today announced the N7018A Type-C test controller, which enables unfettered automated validation of USB 3.1, TBT 3, and DisplayPort over Type-C, and is a key component of Keysight’s high-speed validation systems. The N7018A can set contracts up to 100 watts and set devices into alternate modes (DisplayPort and Thunderbolt).

The N7018A enables complete test device control by routing SBU lines to industry-standard controllers for the alt mode testing and by providing low frequency periodic signaling (LFPS) signals for the control of USB3.1 devices. The test controller ensures faster bring up and debug by providing control and access of the Type-C interface’s CC, VBus and SBU lines. Engineers can operate the test controller from a stand-alone graphical user interface, or through an application programming interface (API) integrated into one of Keysight’s compliance applications.

New versions of Keysight’s compliance solutions, with the integrated N7018A test controller, are as follows:

  •          USB 3.1 transmitter compliance testing


  •          DisplayPort transmitter compliance testing


  •          TBT 3 transmitter compliance testing


  •          Type-C control in receiver testing

N5990A option 006

  •          Multi-standard sequencing

N5990A option 007

  •          BT3 transmitter (combined solution with TBT receiver
            for complete TBT 3 testing)

N5990A option 204

The complete automation solution also includes newly extended N5452A compliance application remote programming toolkit software, which now enables unattended testing by sequencing automatically through the different compliance packages after a one-time setup. Users now can run the test suites of multiple standards with only one setup and no intervening interaction.

“At Keysight, we recognize that it is critical to address the entire process of characterization and validation and not just the compliance regimen,” said Kailash Narayanan, vice president and general manager, Wireless Device and Operators. “The new Type-C Test Controller is a perfect example of this because it enables testing a Type-C device in any state, for all standards appropriate for that device, allowing the validation engineer to efficiently accomplish standard compliance test and corner case testing.”

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