“You can’t have a conversation with the SAR Compliance Bot. But it will take your DUT, perform conducted power measurements and, down to every letter of the labyrinthine KDBs, tell you exactly what tests you need to run, update your plan based on real-time results, and make sure your reports are perfect” said Dr. Benoit Derat, CEO of ART-Fi.

Human error is one of the weakest compliance links that bring mobile phones to market. Leading SAR Experts behind the development of the SAR Compliance Bot confess, “Complicated rules make it difficult to determine the correct assessments, certify and take market surveillance.”

According to ART-Fi, SAR Compliance Bot changes everything for labs, certification companies, regulators and manufacturers. “We want the label test plan guided by the SAR Compliance Bot to become the de facto standard of excellence that ensures not a single error was made,” remarked Dr. Derat. “The whole chain from manufacturers to regulators stands to benefit.”

At all SAR labs, certification organizations, or mobile manufacturers, only a Senior SAR Expert can put together a correct test sequence because the rules are complex. The growing number of LTE bands and 20-30 different communication systems and frequencies present on many mobile phones has made test planning and reporting a significant certification expense.

“SAR Compliance Bot can be used in any lab, with any system, but to achieve true end-to-end automation, an ART-MAN SAR system integration is included. When SAR Compliance Bot is coupled with ART-MAN and the SARborg add-on, the system fully automates test planning, test execution, DUT placement, real-time test updating, reduction of dropped calls, and report creation, resulting in a quick and easy process,” said Dr. Derat.

So how does it work?

“We wish SAR Compliance Bot just read the KDBs itself, but for now, some of the leading SAR and compliance experts worldwide are working on the Compliance Bot project to ensure perfect results,” said Dr. Derat.

For more information about the SAR Compliance Bot, review the FAQ or get in touch with ART-Fi.

ART-Fi, headquartered in Paris, is the leading producer of next generation “probe-array” SAR measurement systems. After a string of positive announcements from the FCC regarding probe-array technology, the SAR measurement industry is poised for big changes.