MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”) today announced the industry’s first complete 100G Single Lambda Solution that enables the cost structure with the supply-chain flexibility for mainstream Cloud Data Center deployment. Designed to help accelerate the deployment of 100G optical interconnects at Cloud-scale cost structures, MACOM’s 100G Single Lambda Solution enables customers to quickly and easily integrate high-performance MACOM components and get to market faster with the next generation of 100G optical modules.

MACOM’s 100G Single Lambda Solution leverages the company’s 53 Gbaud PAM-4 technology to deliver 100G throughput over a single wavelength. 100G Single Lambda is an approach that has been endorsed by the IEEE that can dramatically reduce the number and cost of optical components typically housed in an optical transceiver module. 100G single lambda is implemented in QSFP optical modules enabling plug and play compatibility with existing systems, thereby accelerating customers’ field deployment of the technology, and bypassing the need for switches and routers to be developed before they can deploy their end solutions in volume.

“The breadth of MACOM’s analog, optical and photonic technology portfolio, combined with our deep domain expertise and Cloud-scale manufacturing capability, position us as the clear industry leader in 100G-enabling components on the pathway to 200G, 400G, and 800G connectivity,” said Preet Virk, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networks, MACOM. “By aligning our Cloud Data Center strategy with the requirements of our end customers, we’re enabling the highest performance, most cost-effective module solutions for next-generation Cloud Data Center infrastructure.”

Leveraging an advanced 16 nanometer FinFET process node, the MACOM PRISM™ Mixed Signal PHY that underpins the 100G Single Lambda Solution is a generation ahead of competing PHYs developed at larger, planar geometries. Designed for 53Gbaud PAM-4 operation with integrated linear laser driver, forward error correction and a flexible DSP based equalizer, the MACOM PRISM™ enables ease of integration, delivering Cloud-scale economics and cost structures.

MACOM’s PRISM is complemented by MACOM’s silicon photonics based optics consisting of a laser integrated with a PIC chip, that leverages the company’s patented Etched Facet Technology (EFT). This highly integrated photonic solution drives additional cost optimization, enabling Cloud-scale manufacturing capabilities for our customers.

“Cloud Data Centers have moved quickly to deploy first generation 100G modules, but insatiable Data demands, unrelenting cost pressures and compressing upgrade cycles require a new generation of modules that enable Data Centers to eliminate capacity, throughput and cost constraints,” said Kevin LeFebvre, Principal Analyst, Ovum. “MACOM’s Single Lambda 100G Solution embodies the technology innovation and 100G-to-400G roadmap acceleration needed to keep pace with unabated Cloud Data Center growth.”

MACOM’s 100G Single Lambda Solution includes the following products. To request more information, please click here:

  • MACOM PRISM™ Mixed Signal PHY (MATP-10025)
  • 53GB PAM-4 Single Lambda 100GL-PIC (MAOP-L561PP)
  • 1x53GB PAM-4 TIA (MATA-005817)
  • 4x53GB PAM-4 TIA (MATA-03819 and MATA-03919)
  • 1x53GB PAM-4 PIN Photodiode BSP56A/QA
  • PAM-4 TOSA/ROSA for 53GB applications

MACOM will showcase its 100G Single Lambda Solution through video demonstration at CIOE (September 6 – 9, Shenzhen, China, MACOM booth #1A32) and ECOC (September 17 – 21, Gothenburg, Sweden, MACOM booth #117). For more information on MACOM’s technology leadership for Cloud Data Centers, visit

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