Donald Telian and The EEcosystem announce the global tour of "Signal Integrity, In Practice," a groundbreaking LIVE masterclass designed to equip hardware engineers with essential skills for solving Signal Integrity (SI) challenges in today's fast-paced technological landscape.

Telian, a renowned pioneer in SI with over four decades of experience, is set to share his expertise with engineers worldwide, beginning in May 2024. The masterclass will focus on practical techniques to address SI issues in both current and future electronic product designs.

With a focus on simplification, Telian emphasizes the evolving nature of SI practice in response to advancements in integrated circuit (IC) technology. His vast experience includes successfully doubling data rates more than a dozen times and solving SI challenges across countless electronic products and applications. After solving SI for every kind of electronic product, Telian is now stepping out of his "design cave" to teach this 2-day class detailing the essentials of SI for the first time in a series of public classes.

"Telian is accustomed to, if not comfortable with, doubling data rate," says Kevin Rowett, Silicon Valley titan and serial startup entrepreneur. "He regularly takes on SI challenges others think are impossible (or would take 10x more time to complete) and handles them with ease. Attend one of his classes soon so I can get him back into his design cave to do more SI work for me!"

Most SI issues are well understood such as trace impedance, return current, stack-up design, and differential pair routing. What sets Telian's masterclass apart is the special emphasis on the new school of SI principles. For example, attendees will gain valuable insights into the role of Equalization (EQ) in modern high-speed interfaces, essential for ensuring signal integrity. "For many years now, proper SI has been measured post-EQ inside the IC," says Telian. "This is the other half of the signal integrity challenge, so it's imperative we teach and learn how to manage EQ correctly."

Recognized for his ability to demystify complex concepts, Telian has taught SI techniques to thousands of engineers globally. His masterclass promises a multi-dimensional learning experience, including hands-on labs, software licenses, Q&A sessions, and follow-up "office hours" with Telian himself.

Judy Warner of The EEcosystem commented "Why teach a live class in a digital age? We understand that learning from an expert and mentor with hands-on experiences is the most effective learning modality for human beings. We are hard-wired for contextual learning with mentors and in a community setting. With the global pandemic behind us, it's time for engineers to step away from the digitally immersed, isolating workspace and dry webinars and return to more impactful in-person training. I am delighted to partner with Telian and help him pass on his invaluable decades of knowledge and experience in SI to the next generation of engineers through these masterclasses."

Initial classes are scheduled in Boston, Denver, and San Jose in May and June 2024, with a European tour planned for the fall. Classes will be held regionally near major airports for the convenience of attendees.