Samtec, Inc., the service leader in the connector industry, will have a large presence at DesignCon 2024, with 11 planned talks, sponsorship of the event’s Welcome Reception, and a booth on the show floor (#939) showcasing high-speed interconnect solutions for applications up to 224 Gbps PAM4. Samtec is a Diamond level sponsor of the event.

Booth Demos take Center Stage

Samtec is set to reveal a dynamic array of high-speed interconnect products at Booth #939 during DesignCon. Demonstrating versatility across front panel, mid-board, and backplane applications, Samtec's showcase will feature collaborations with industry leaders including Alphawave Semi, Cadence, Keysight, Microchip, Multilane, Rambus, Rohde & Schwarz, and Synopsys, with active 112 Gbps and 224 Gbps demonstrations.

Aligned with the evolving landscape of high-speed connectivity, Samtec's DesignCon booth will host 224 Gbps demos, spotlighting innovative products. Starting at the front panel, offerings include Flyover® SFP, QSFP, OSFP, and Samtec’s proprietary NovaRay® IO.

These products extend to mid-board families: Si-Fly High Density, Si-Fly Low Profile, NovaRay, and Accelerate® High Density (HD). Moving from mid-board to the backplane, Samtec introduces Si-FlyTM Back Plane and NovaRay Backplane alongside existing families ExaMAX® and Xcede® HD.

Samtec is thrilled to showcase optical mid-board options, including FireFlyTM, FireHawkTM, and the newly introduced HaloTM. These products will connect with partner platforms through Bulls Eye®, Samtec's precision RF test point system, with a new Bulls Eye® 90 GHz version. Demonstrations will not only activate the products electrically but also mechanically, showcasing the stability and reliability of the systems and components.

Samtec products will also be part of active 112 Gbps and 224 Gbps demonstrations in partner booths – Keysight, Cadence, and Rohde & Schwarz.

Samtec Experts to Present at DesignCon 2024

Samtec engineers are participating in and/or authoring papers for multiple sessions, including two panels, a tutorial, six technical sessions, and two sponsored sessions. Details on all the talks can be found at


  • Tutorial: How to Develop Advanced PCB Component Launches, Scott McMorrow (nominee for 2024 Engineer of the Year)
  • Panel: Extreme Confidence Simulation for 400-800G Signal Integrity Design. Scott McMorrow, panelist.


  • Paper: Comparing the Different Metrics of Intra-Pair Skew in Tracking Channel Performance, Richard Mellitz, Adam Gregory, Steve Krooswyk et al.
  • Paper: Realistic Use Cases for Edge, Angled, and Vertical Launch Connectors up to 100 GHz, Sandeep Sankararaman, Gustavo Blando, Istvan Novak, Shawn Tucker.
  • Paper: 200 Gbps Signaling Per Electric Lane Over One Meter of Passive Twinaxial Copper Cable, Richard Mellitz et al.
  • Sponsored Session (Rohde & Schwarz): Simulation-to-Measurement Correlation of Multi-port devices with four-port VNAs, Matthew Burns, Global Director, Technical Marketing, Samtec, co-presenter
  • Panel: PCI Express: Pathway to 128 GT/s and Interoperability at 64 GT/s (PAM4), Steve Krooswyk, panelist.


  • Paper: Impact of Finite Interconnect Impedance Including Spatial and Domain Comparison of PDN Characterization, Istvan Novak, Gustavo Blando, et al.
  • Paper: Are 1.0mm Precision RF Connectors Really Required for 224 Gbps PAM4 Verification?Brandon Gore, Richard Mellitz, Andrew Josephson, et al.
  • Paper: Survey on Correlation and Simulation Methodologies for PCB Structures through 67 GHz,Robert Branson, Greylan Smoak, Steve Krooswyk, Scott McMorrow.
  • Sponsored Session (Cadence): 112 Gbps PAM4 Interconnect Models Simplify Channel-Wide Modeling and Simulation, Matthew Burns, Global Director, Technical Marketing