Teledyne Relays, a leading provider of high-performance coaxial switches, is pleased to announce the addition of 50+ GHz coaxial switches to its Mini Matrix Box product line. The new switches are available in SPDT, Transfer, and Multi-throw configurations each with their own GUI. They can be ordered with or without terminations, offering flexibility for various applications in RF and automated test equipment.

Teledyne Relays Mini Matrix Boxes are a compact, plug-and-play solution, offering USB or Ethernet control for efficient and reliable switching in laboratory and production environments. With the addition of the 50+ GHz switches, Teledyne Relays can meet the growing demand for testing higher frequency applications in the industry.

"The introduction of the 50+ GHz coaxial switches is an exciting milestone for Teledyne Relays. We are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the curve," said Michael Palakian, Teledyne Relays vice president of global sales and marketing. "The Mini Matrix Boxes with these switches offer excellent performance and flexibility to meet the needs of our customers and we are confident they will be well received by the RF and ATE community."

Teledyne Relays 50+ GHz coaxial switches in Mini Matrix Boxes are ideal for applications such as aerospace and defense, radar, communication systems, and test and measurement equipment. These switches are available now and can be ordered through Teledyne Relays global sales network.