Amphenol RF announced the expansion of the microminiature SMP product series to include non-magnetic connector and adapter options. These configurations are manufactured with non-ferrous materials and plating to provide high performing RF interconnects that feature low magnetic field susceptibility and no electric field distortion. All non-magnetic SMP connectors and adapters provide the same reliable connections for board-to-board and board-to-cable as standard SMP products. Non-magnetic SMP options are ideal for sensitive applications in medical, aerospace and quantum computing environments.

These 50 ohm non-magnetic products are available in various mating configurations and detent types—smooth bore, limited and full detent—with excellent electrical performance up to 40 GHz. The SMP interface features a snap-on locking mechanism for easy mating and radial and axial float which provides board-to-board misalignment correction. PCB spacing options are based on the bullet adapter length. Non-magnetic SMP connectors are also available in various cable plug designs for flexible cable types.

Non-magnetic SMP connectors are constructed with gold-plated, beryllium copper bodies and contacts, and PTFE insulators. They are well suited for applications such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment where non-magnetic coaxial connectors are essential for carrying RF signals within the magnetic field where a high signal-to-noise ratio is required. These connectors and adapters are engineered specifically to perform in this environment without being electrically compromised which allows the equipment to function safely and effectively.