One wire pair – an infinite number of applications

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) sets standards in intelligent communication architecture. Using power over data line (PoDL), parallel high-performance data, and power transmission is supported via just one Ethernet wire pair.

Driven by automotive electronics

The development of Single Pair Ethernets systems has been primarily powered in the automotive industries. Future technologies, e.g. autonomous driving, require connectivity solutions which ensure high-reliable transmission of huge data rates in tightest spaces.

Rosenberger – as a leading manufacturer of connectivity systems for automotive electronics – has successfully developed and introduced to the market the connector series MTD® and

H-MTD®, space-saving, lightweight and robust differential connector systems satisfying today‘s mechanical and environmental requirements.

Connector series for industrial applications
Rosenberger has expanded the product range for Ethernet applications by the following connector series: RoSPE-HMTD, based on Rosenberger automotive connectors and optimized with housings for industrial applications, and RoSPE-Industrial, a interface developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers.

Standardization – the key to success

Rosenberger has joined the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance, a cross-industry and cross-application technology partnership between renowned manufacturers from the connector, industrial automation, technology, and cabling industries pursuing the goal of driving the development of an international standard: Because interoperability and the long-term success of SPE can only be ensured with manufacturer-independent standards. The following standardization variants are currently being jointly developed: IEC 63171-2 for IP20 and IEC 63171-5 for IP67.

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