Signal Integrity Journal, covering signal integrity, power integrity and EMC/EMI, has published its 2023 issue. The magazine is available in print (by subscription and at select SI/PI/EMI events) and is also available as a technical eBook.

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Content highlights:

  • “A National Security Crisis the Industry Can Address,” Eric Bogatin
  • “How Interconnects Work: Characteristic Impedance and Reflections,” Yuriy Shlepnev
  • “Ultra-Fine Line Differential Pair Design with No Return Plane,” Chaithra Suresh, Eric Bogatin, Melinda
  • Piket-May, Paul Dennig, and Haris Basit
  • “Understanding Via Impedance,” Donald Telian
  • “The Case for Split Ground Planes,” Eric Bogatin
  • “Avoiding GIGO with Field Solvers,” Bert Simonovich
  • “Selecting a Backplane: PCB vs Cable Backplane for High-Speed Designs,” Andrew Josephson, Brandon Gore, and Jonathan Sprigler
  • “Power Integrity Testing Requirements Introduce Extreme Interconnect Measures,” Steven Sandler
  • “DesignCon Returns to January with New Offerings,” Suzanne Deffree