As rated by reader views, here are the Top 5, Most Read Articles on SIJ of 2022. Thank you for your continued readership; we look forward to bringing you many more great technical features in 2023 and beyond!

A Guide for Single-Ended to Mixed-Mode S-parameter Conversions 

By Bert Simonovich

Signal integrity engineers almost always have to work with S-parameters. If you have not had to work with them yet, chances are you will sometime in your career. As speed moves up in the double-digit GB/s regime, many industry standards are moving to serial link-based architectures and frequency domain compliance limits based on S-parameter measurements.

Managing PCB Crosstalk 

By Donald Telian

What causes crosstalk? When does it become problematic? What can you do to ensure it does not ruin your product design? In this article, Donald Telian answers these questions and more.

Measuring Only Board-level Power Rail Noise May Be Misleading 

By Eric Bogatin

Incorporating the technique of using a quiet HIGH and quiet LOW I/O pin is a simple way of opening up a small window onto what is happening with the power rail of your die. Read on to have Eric Bogatin teach you how to implement it.

The Myth of Three Capacitor Values 

By Eric Bogatin, Larry Smith and Steve Sandler

Many designs today include three different value decoupling capacitors, or when using just one capacitor, a small value like 0.1 uF. These recommendations are based on 50-year-old assumptions that do not apply today. It is time to reconsider these out of date, legacy design guidelines.

Proper Ground Return Via Placement for 40+ Gbps Signaling 

By Michael Steinberger, Donald Telian, Tsuk Michael, Iyer Vishwanath and Yanamadala Janakinadh

This Best DesignCon paper demonstrates what happens when GRVs are too distant for the data rate at hand. It describes the role and behavior of GRVs in a way that informs design and layout engineers’ intuition and engineering judgement, using practical examples.