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Top 5 Webinars of All Time

December 13, 2021

As rated by attendance, here are the Top 5 Webinars on SIJ of all time. These presentations are available to watch on demand at your leisure. Thank you for continuing to join us, as we look forward to bringing you many more educational and informative presentations in 2022 and beyond!

Top Webcast 1

COM in NRZ and PAM4: Understanding How Crosstalk, Equalization, Noise, and Jitter Combine With Frequency Response

High Speed Serial technology standards are adopting ever more complicated figures of merit for compliance testing. They’re meant to give designers the freedom to optimize network elements as best they can within the confines of transmitter-channel-receiver interoperability. Channel operating margin, COM, is the most complex. This webinar presented by Ransom Stephens, dives into COM not only so that you can understand what it is, how it works, and its limitations, but so that you can see how the gears turn in high speed serial systems polluted with jitter, noise, and crosstalk. View the on demand presentation to discover more.

Top Webcast 2

Ten Tips for Reducing On-Board DC-DC Converter EMI for IoT/Wireless Devices

An increasing number of manufacturers are adding or retrofitting wireless technology into new or existing products. These products typically include mobile, household, industrial, scientific, and medical devices. This transition towards “everything wireless” is in full swing and with it comes problems with EMI. That is, EMI from the product itself interfering with sensitive onboard cellular, GPS/GNSS, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth receivers. One of the predominant, sources of this self-interference comes from today’s DC-DC converters running between 1 and 3 MHz. Ken Wyatt will describe ten tips for reducing this interference from DC-DC converters. View the on demand presentation to discover more.

Top Webcast 3

Is Power Integrity the New Black Magic?

This keynote presented by Istvan Novak from the SIJ and Cadence Electronic Systems SI/PI Forum, will examine the reasons why PI is so difficult and will analyze past predictions and current challenges. The safety and reliability concerns brought on by the proliferation of power electronic circuits in all walks of life will be discussed, from tiny energy-harvesting circuits, through consumer electronics products, to high-power electronics in autonomous vehicles. View the on demand presentation to discover more.

Top Webcast 4

Crosstalk in PAM4 Systems

This webinar presented by Ransom Stephens puts you front and center in the battle between aggressors and victims! We’ll start with crosstalk physics, PSXT, NEXT and FEXT, move to techniques for predicting crosstalk from channel designs, and then dive into high-rate approaches to crosstalk analysis: ICR, IXT and IMR, ICN, right up to the big daddy, COM—we might even invent an all new acronym and not tell anyone what it stands for. View the on demand presentation to discover more.

Top Webcast 5

Online Panel: Practical Connector Characterization Techniques

This online panel with participants Eric Bogatin, Steve Krooswyk, Vivek Shah, and Amir Asif gathers industry leading suppliers of connector components and simulation software to give them a chance to show off the methods they use daily to model or verify high bandwidth electrical models of their components. Sometimes there are multiple right answers. Find out what industry experts have to say regarding what is done in practice. View the on demand session to discover more.

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