The powerful Flylab software is a laboratory tool realized inside a Flying probe tester thanks to a simplified and intuitive environment, it provides through the flying probes a complete set of instruments, always available to the user, that allow to perform stimulus and measurements on the UUT in the prototyping stage.

It can be used especially when CAD data are unavailable and pads are inaccessible to manual instruments to speed up the project verification and to cuts down the repair time.

Flylab allows you to “interact” with your electronic board as if you had eight probes in your hand and a table of instruments available and ready to be used to perform validation testing, without requiring specific training on the tester or generating a test program. Contact points can be selected manually using the integrated cameras and clicking on the graphical board image, then the simple and intuitive software interface enables the performance of parametric and functional measurements by simply selecting the type of measurement and entering the value. The Flying probe system automatically positions the mobile probes and the measurement result appears on the integrated oscilloscope. Moreover, the PRBOOST feature provides the capability to power the board (up to 2A) with all of the eight standard electrical probes, to enable the test of active circuits and other functional tests which are an essential part of the design validation process.


  • No need of CAD data
  • Probing point can be selected with the camera (Probe on coordinate)
  • Test of passive components
  • Possibility to apply stimulus and read measurement
  • No need to create a test program
  • Save and recall configuration of tests
  • Store all data and images of the scope
  • Import of Schematics and Datasheet in PDF format