COMSOL is announcing the 2022 edition of COMSOL News. This annual magazine recognizes the work of academic and industry organizations around the world that use multiphysics simulation to drive innovative technological research and development.

COMSOL News 2022 illustrates how simulation enables teams to make more informed design decisions, speed up development, reduce physical testing, and minimize costs. Readers will gain insight into the COMSOL Multiphysics® user experience across a wide variety of applications and learn how the software is being used for simulation-based product development, design optimization, and research.

This magazine highlights the following topics and organizations:

  • A “digital twin” for climate management in an additive manufacturing facility — MTC, UK
  • Analyzing the ice loss of Greenland's glaciers — Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
  • Drivetrain components for electric vehicles — Bosch, Germany
  • Electric vehicle battery management system design — Exicom Tele-Systems, India
  • Removal of micropollutants from wastewater — Eden Tech, France
  • RF-induced heating of implanted medical devices in MRI systems — MED Institute, US
  • Sand "batteries" to store solar-generated heat — Polar Night Energy, Finland
  • Silicon photonic MEMS phase shifters for fiber optic networks — EPFL, Switzerland
  • Virtual design and prototyping of subsea cables — Hellenic Cables, Greece