Keysight Technologies announced that the company’s CyPerf, a software-based cloud-native traffic generator, will be used to demonstrate the performance capability of the F5 BIG-IP® Next Edge Firewall cloud-native network function (CNF), powered by the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors at AMD’s Booth W1.720, during Mobile World Congress Las Vegas to be held September 28-30, 2022.

For years, 5G performance predictions have ranged from delivering 10X to 100X greater performance than what was possible with 4G. Many service providers are in the process of building networks based on cloud-native microservices capable of handling 5G data traffic at scale. This requires reliable and repeatable ways to verify system provisioning and configurations within a cloud-native, high data throughput, and low latency data management environment. 

F5 selected Keysight’s CyPerf as a solution to demonstrate the performance capability of F5’s Edge Firewall CNF, powered by the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors.

"We were confident that this proof-of-concept configuration would be powerful, with the automation and efficiency of running the new Edge Firewall CNF on AMD EPYC CPUs with 64 cores. However, the transactions per second (TPS) outcome was even better than initially predicted. Cloud-native test traffic from CyPerf provided a reliable, repeatable means to validate whether newly configured and provisioned systems can handle the tremendous throughput, TPS, and low latency requirements of modern 5G deployments," said Ryan Howard, Principal Solution Engineer, Business Development, F5.

The next wave of mobile applications has far greater bandwidth, latency and security demands on the network infrastructure, and it is crucial to validate the virtualized 5G infrastructure at cloud scale to ensure a reliable subscriber quality of experience. For the demonstrations, Keysight’s CyPerf will emulate millions of mobile users browsing their phones, cumulatively generating millions of application transactions and Terabit scale traffic.

"Meeting the data challenges of the 5G era is only one part of the battle. Providing scalable, performant, and most importantly, secure solutions is critical to advancing the growth of 5G," said Nick Hancock, Director, Telco Compute, AMD. "With AMD EPYC processors, our 5G-focused customers like F5 and Keysight can get exceptional performance out of their 5G solutions and products while also getting access to a layered security approach that can help reduce business risk for their customers."

"We are pleased to collaborate with AMD and F5 on a powerful demonstration designed to raise the industry bar. With a proven method to generate and process cloud-based traffic, service providers can now confidently roll out 5G services at scale," said Ram Periakaruppan, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight’s Network Solutions group.