Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) adds lightweight, high-speed, digital data cable MX10G-24-ALW to its Gigabit-Plus™ line of Ethernet cables. 

Designed for aerospace applications, the 100 Ω 1-10 G Base-T Ethernet cable features a round aluminum shield instead of the standard copper-based shield, which allows substantial weight savings without sacrificing temperature rating or electrical performance.

“With the ever-present challenge of reducing aircraft weights, demand is rising for lighter constructions that still offer the same performance,” said CarlisleIT Product Manager Allen Schaefer. “From Commercial OEMs to AAM development projects, there is a need in the aerospace marketplace for reduced weight to save fuel and power, as well as a need to support the increasing amounts of data being transferred. We are offering some of the lightest constructions on the market without sacrificing any features.”

Features and benefits include:

  • 10% lighter than standard Gigabit cables
  • Compatible with standard RJ-45 or CarlisleIT Octax® connectors
  • Suitable for use in high-temp applications up to 150 °C
  • Supports gigabit data up to 250 MHz
  • Identification marking on jacket
  • ROHS compliant
  • Meets FAR 25.853 flammability requirements
  • Meets Boeing/Airbus Smoke & Toxicity Requirements

This cable joins NETflight® series wire, NF24Q100-01-DL-ALW, a lightweight 100 Base-T Ethernet quad cable, as another option to optimize aircraft weights while maintaining performance.