Dow introduces DOWSIL™ Immersion Cooling Technology, a solution for cooling hyperscale cloud and enterprise data centers with optimized efficiency and sustainability. Award-winning DOWSIL Immersion Cooling Technology offers a revolutionary approach to thermal management and sustainability for fast-growing data centers in an era of high-speed, high-volume data communications.     

Winner of R&D 100 Award for 2022

This breakthrough silicone-organic fluid technology delivers outstanding thermal conductivity for efficient and cost-effective heat dissipation, combined with an extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) score. Even before its official launch, DOWSIL Immersion Cooling Technology’s environmental, performance, and operational cost advantages over conventional air cooling systems have been recognized by several major awards programs.

The technology won an R&D 100 Award for 2022 in the Mechanical/Materials category. It is also a finalist for the 2022 Reuters Events Responsible Business Circular Transition Award, and was a finalist for the ICIS 2022 Awards in the category of Best Product Innovation from a large company. 

Cathy Chu, global strategic marketing director, Consumer and Electronics, Dow, said, “Dow is poised to disrupt the industry with a pioneering solution to the twin challenges of increasing efficiency and improving sustainability in data center cooling systems. Our groundbreaking silicone solutions can help propel data communications growth while sharply reducing energy consumption and physical space requirements. We look forward to helping customers achieve these goals with a high level of safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.”

Immersing the Cloud in Sustainability

As part of the drive toward greater sustainability, data centers require ways to improve cooling system efficiency, better control water consumption, reduce heat waste and adopt renewable energy sources. Dow’s immersion cooling technology for servers and other data center equipment can boost energy efficiency (lower power usage effectiveness, or PUE) significantly compared to air cooling. This low-carbon solution supports the growth of server load densities and increased computer performance while reducing data center footprint and power usage.

DOWSIL™ ICL-1000 Fluid, the first product in this technology family, is estimated to absorb heat about one thousand times more efficiently than air-cooled systems, resulting in up to a 95 percent reduction in energy use for server cooling and up to a 50 percent reduction in overall data center power consumption. This product can be recycled to increase its circularity. 

Designed for Singe-phase Immersion Cooling

The DOWSIL Immersion Cooling Technology is engineered for use in single-phase cooling systems, which can deliver greater simplicity and affordability, easier operations, and less maintenance than two-phase cooling.