Keysight Technologies, Inc., announced the latest Keysight P9002A parallel parametric test system, which provides high throughput and cost effective wafer test to accelerate time-to-market in R&D and lower cost-of-test in manufacturing. 

The global semiconductor shortage has created a growing demand for semiconductors in the automotive industry, as well as digital devices and home appliances. Ongoing technology modernization in semiconductors is progressing rapidly, and the industry is facing a variety of technical challenges to adapt the latest materials, as well as miniaturization, and 3D packaging processes. In addition, the complicated device design to target commercial applications like 5G, data center, artificial intelligence (AI) and automotive are increasing test parameters.

To address this challenge and enable manufacturers to quickly ramp capacity, Keysight has delivered the P9002A parallel parametric test system, which offers cost effective wafer test with high throughput, as well as a flexible option structure for up to 100 channels parallel test resources, including test capabilities required for parametric tests at each test resource. Keysight's P9000 series provides software compatibility with SPECS software on 4080 series parametric testers, enables customers to use their existing test programs and test plans with data correlations.

Keysight's P9002A parallel parametric test system delivers the following key customer benefits:

  • Ability to add options based on test requirements, with license structure for cost effective budgeting.
  • Exclusive parametric test technologies and fast capacitance measurement generates improved throughput over the 4080 series parametric testers.
  • System compatibility and data correlation with Keysight 4080 series parametric tester, enables customers to use their existing tester programs, test plans and probe cards with 4080-compatible probe card adapter to minimize the cost of building with a P9002A test environment.

"Keysight is delighted to support the development and manufacture of ever-evolving semiconductors with advanced measurement solutions, such as the P9002A test system," said Shinji Terasawa, vice president and general manager of Keysight's Wafer Test Solutions. "This new solution reflects Keysight's commitment to helping solve our customers business challenges with proven experience and expertise in parametric testing."