Ardent Concepts, Inc. looks to upend the status quo by introducing a twist-to-lock compression mount connector that replaces cumbersome surface mount connectors that require a receptacle on the PCB. Ardent’s patented QUICKLINKTM Connector mounts directly to the PCB with a twist-to-lock footprint design that requires only two small thru holes and a gold pad for the connector to land on. QUICKLINK footprints can be placed anywhere on your board to allow easy access to any channels from your device without having to solder on costly SMA or SMP surface mount receptacles.

Utilizing Ardent’s patented contacts, QUICKLINK customers can expect the superior level of high AC performance and electrical repeatability they’ve come to expect from our TR Multicoax Series. With extremely low loss out to 70 GHz and beyond, QUICKLINK can meet the bandwidth requirements of industry leading applications like PAM4 signaling and Ka/Ku band applications.

The QUICKLINK unique design doesn’t require any threading or tools like many connectors, so users will be able to reduce test and manufacturing time significantly without sacrificing connector reliability. The connector is also designed to produce an open signal if not properly connected so users don’t have to worry about skewed results from a bad connection.

 “We listened to our customers’ needs; They were faced with the expensive problem of having to access multiple high speed test points on their boards by soldering on surface mount connectors. With each new board spin those connectors were discarded as a sunk cost and those costs added up. We knew we could produce a better high frequency solution that could save our customers money while adhering to our motto: Signal integrity is our passion,” said Gordon Vinther, CTO of Ardent.