Anritsu Company announces a collaboration with Somerset T&M Solutions to offer tier 1 wireless carrier providers approved field portable 5G optical transport test equipment. The two companies provide 5G optical transport test equipment needed by certified contractors and field engineering teams to verify the installation and performance of RAN equipment are compliant with the strict technical specifications of 5G Standalone (SA) and Non-Stand Alone (NSA) deployments.

Anritsu’s field portable test instruments have earned the technical approval of Tier 1 wireless service providers. Solutions such as the ACCESS Master™ MT9085 series and Network Master™ MT1000A are being used by field teams for 5G network synchronization testing, mobile xhaul deployment verification, field fiber installation, and transport throughput, and performance-related testing.

Anritsu selected Somerset T&M Solutions as a rental and leasing finance partner to better enable immediate availability and delivery of Anritsu 5G field optical test equipment anywhere in the United States. The agreement helps certified contractors and field teams better meet installation verification requirements and provides immediate close-out package deliverables.

“Somerset T&M Solutions is a premier rental partner with a strong focus in optical test and measurement equipment. The company understands its customers’ needs and has an outstanding reputation for providing project-specific solutions and addressing long-term budget constraints,” said Robert E. Johnson, General Manager and Vice President, Anritsu Company.

Craig Staub, General Manager, Somerset T&M Solutions, stated, “The need for 5G network testing is critical and Anritsu is the leader in field portable test solutions. Somerset T&M Solutions is proud to offer rental and leasing finance solutions on a wide range of Anritsu 5G test instruments to enable certified contractors to manage budgets, streamline expenses, meet project deadlines, and stay on the cutting edge of technology.”

Somerset T&M Solutions is the test and measurement equipment rental and leasing division of Somerset Capital Group. Founded in 1984, Somerset Capital Group manages $1.2B of leased assets across 400 customers and 30 asset classes, and is one of the largest and oldest leasing companies in the US.