Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a global leader in delivering reliable connectivity solutions announces CIN::APSE Stacking Connector Jumpers and Assemblies, that work in conjunction with standard 25 and 51 position stacking connectors and hardware with immediate availability through our distribution partners Digi-Key and Mouser and Newark.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ CIN::APSE technology was developed for satellite programs and is approved by NASA TRL 9. CIN::APSE is currently utilized across many defense platforms and ideal for smart munitions, radar, satellite, and controller applications. At the heart of CIN::APSE technology is compression contacts that provide multiple solderless points of contact to gold plated PCB pads. These CIN::APSE Jumpers are short flexible PCBs designed to mate directly to a PCB mounted CIN::APSE stacking connector. The CIN::APSE Stacking Hardware maintains a planar compressive force between the jumper, the connector, and the PCB. The CIN::APSE Stacking System reduces cost and eases rework, where many applications use rigid-flex-rigid designs that are complex, costly, and not suitable for rework. 

For more information on CIN::APSE connectors, visit our website at or download the CIN::APSE Catalog.