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Maury’s line of diplexers (DP-series) and triplexers (TP-series) are designed for applications which require combining or splitting signals at or around harmonic frequencies (nf0) and are connectorized (SMA) for design-in and test and measurement applications. With a concentration in wireless communications, Maury multiplexers are available in bands between 600 MHz and 6 GHz and associated second and/or third harmonic frequencies.

Tailored for low, medium and high power applications such as amplifier R&D, Maury multiplexers are designed to handle 100 W average power. Unlike traditional wideband combiners/splitters, which can suffer from high combining and resistive losses, the DP- and TP-series multiplexers have typical insertion losses better than 0.5 dB between fundamental frequency and common (combined) ports.

The DP- and TP-series multiplexers have been optimized for passive, active and hybrid-active multi-harmonic load-pull systems.

Maury Microwave Corp.
Ontario, Calif.