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LA & GULA cable assemblies have been developed and produced for aircraft and cover the broad frequency range from DC to 18 GHz. These high quality, low loss cable assemblies deliver a low VSWR of 1.35:1, feature a self-locking connector and are protected by a Nomex and Kevlar jacket, which offers abrasion resistance.

MIL-T-81490 Compliance

As required by the aircraft sector, the GLA & GULA cable assemblies must be lightweight, small in size and not sacrifice performance. All cables are designed to meet statutory aircraft requirements and are in compliance with MIL-T-81490, which enables the cable to withstand harsh environments over a long period of time.

The GLA & GULA cable assemblies have been developed to meet stringent communication standards with a cable design that is crushproof and hermetically sealed. Another advantage is that the cable assemblies also enable the connection of an anti-rotation connector which is used in high vibration environment applications.


GLA & GULA cable assemblies are also applicable to helicopter, trainer, UAV, military, communication, aircraft antenna systems, radar system, air reply system and satellite communication systems.

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