LoadSlammer, Steve Sandler and Picotest have entered into a joint partnership agreement. Collaborating on a series of next generation products, the PicoSlammer™ products will support the next generation of advanced digital chips used for data processing.  The semiconductor industry requires constant change in power savings and productivity. The combined experience and skills of the parties will help to accelerate the semiconductor industries’ growth.  

As the digital chips that drive the worlds data become ever more complicated and demanding, the power requirements become increasingly more stringent.  These complex chips need to be tested, requiring accurate power validation tools that progress to keep pace with future technology.  Utilizing the most advanced wide bandgap, GaN devices significantly increase performance.

“Saving power, time and money is the name of the game.  One of the most significant ways to save power in our industry is to measure where it matters and emulate real life loads in both time and frequency domains.  Removing unnecessary margin is the most cost-effective way to reduce power consumption.”  - Roger Beeston, CEO of LoadSlammer.

Picotest will continue to distribute the LoadSlammer family of products in addition to the PicoSlammer family.

Picotest and LoadSlammer design and manufacture PDN test equipment, enabling the world’s largest technology companies to get to market faster with the most efficient products.