March 31, 2020

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Just How Fast is GaN Fast?

By Steve Sandler

I recently designed an ultra-high speed, low-impedance pulse generator. I wanted it for evaluating oscilloscope probe performance, and for determining the feasibility of an in-socket load for ASIC emulation. The obvious choice, due to size and desired performance, was an eGaN FET. One of the devices I used is an EPC2037, 0.9 mm device. Check out this description of what is likely the fastest GaN edge-speed ever recorded.

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Pixus Announces OpenVPX Backplanes With KVPX Connectors for Extreme Environments

Pixus Technologies, now offers a various OpenVPX backplanes utilizing the ultra-rugged KVPX style connector. This type of connector is often used in the harshest Aerospace applications.

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Cadence Digital Full Flow Optimized to Deliver Improved Quality of Results with Up to 3X Faster Throughput

Cadence Design Systems, Inc., announced that the release of the Cadence® digital full flow, with hundreds of completed advanced-node tape outs, has been enhanced to further optimize power, performance and area (PPA) results across a variety of application areas including automotive, mobile, networking, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI).





Anatomy of A Noise Source

Sponsored By Noisecom

Download the “Anatomy of a Noise Source” Poster and discover how a noise source can help electronics testing. Learn about AWGN, how it is generated, how it is controlled and packaged to help test and validate circuit designs with real world noise.

Rohde & Schwarz

Tips and Tricks on How to Verify Control Loop Stability With a Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscope

This webinar deals with measuring the control loop stability of switch-mode power supplies to achieve an excellent performance and to get confidence in the design. We will be discussing the main measurement concept, emphasizing the main topics, and describing the measurements from a pragmatist’s point of view. Presenting proper measurement setups and advising key solution differentiators complete this discussion on verifying control loop stability. Registration is now open! Join us on Tuesday, April 28th for this informative on-demand presentation.

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EDI CON Online

Watch EDI CON Online 2019 Sessions On-Demand

If you are interested in online tutorials and technical sessions on-demand, please visit our archived EDI CON ONLINE event and register for any free session covering SI, PI, EMC/EMI, 5G, IoT, Radar, and Antennas.

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