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November 5, 2019

Sponsored by: Rohde & Schwarz NA

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Making Lemonade with the 10x Scope Probe

By Eric Bogatin

“There are two kinds of engineer, those who are building antennas on purpose and those who are not doing it on purpose.” Every oscilloscope ships with at least two 10x probes. They are ubiquitous in every lab. But they have a significant problem above 10 MHz, unless care is taken. In some cases, we can turn this problem into a feature.

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Achieving Quantum Supremacy

Researchers in UC Santa Barbara/Google scientist John Martinis’ group have made good on their claim to quantum supremacy. Using 53 entangled quantum bits (“qubits”), their Sycamore computer has taken on and solved a problem considered intractable for classical computers.

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Rohde & Schwarz Remains on Course for Growth

The independent technology group Rohde & Schwarz closed its 2018/2019 fiscal year (July to June) with strong results. At EUR 2.14 billion, revenue was 4.9 percent higher than in the previous year, while incoming orders rose by 10.6 percent to EUR 2.45 billion.





Designing for DDR4 and Beyond

Sponsored By Keysight Technologies Inc.

This webcast will help you understand the differences between DDR4/DDR5 and earlier technologies. It will also help you gain an understanding of the design challenges and simulation challenges for high-speed DDR. See how you can use simulation tools to prepare yourself for DDR5 designs now!

EDI CON China 2020

On-demand Event: Measuring and Interpreting Impedance Data

Power integrity engineers have been learning to make VRM impedance measurements to compare to the design goal or “target impedance”. Once the measurement has been performed, it’s important to be able to interpret the data. Is the result good or bad? What do I need to do to improve it? How does the impedance measurement relate to step load response and control loop stability? In this webinar, Steve Sandler addresses all of these topics, providing you with the ability to perform accurate measurements, analyze the results and relate the impedance to step load response and control loop stability. View the on-demand presentation to discover more.



Rohde & Schwarz NA

Power Integrity: Challenges, Best Practices, and Test Solutions for Sensitive Electronic Designs

This webinar will discuss power integrity issues, root causes, and countermeasures in sensitive electronic designs. Attendees will learn the impact of noise, jitter, impedance, and examples to detect those sources of power integrity failures. Another thing that will be discussed are methods to reduce respectively compensate those sources and demonstrate oscilloscope and vector network analyzer solutions that engineers benefit from for their design verification. Register now to join us on November 20th for this informative presentation.


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