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May 28, 2019

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Feedforward Equalizer Location Study for High-Speed Serial Systems

By Kevin Zheng, Boris Murmann, Hongtao Zhang, and
Geoff Zhang

Data converter based SerDes designs are gaining popularity due to their architecture flexibility as well as the capability to implement FFE through powerful DSP. This paper provides a theoretical analysis, realistic simulations and practical comparisons between TX side FFE and RX side FFE. Read on to learn more.

Special Report

First Keysight World Americas Event Review

By Pat Hindle

Industry professionals engaged with Keysight technical experts and executives, and experience live demonstrations May 14 in San Francisco for the first ever Keysight World Americas event. Check out this summary of the event.

News Feature1

Rohde & Schwarz Introduces Package Pricing for Full-solution Entry-level Test Instruments

Rohde & Schwarz announced a promotion for its line of value bench instrument solutions. This promotion called “This Changes Everything” allows customers to purchase all the bandwidth, channels, inputs, memory interfaces and signal generation they may ever need, at one package price.

News Feature2

Microchip Expands Carrier-Grade Time and Synchronization Portfolio

One of the biggest 5G network deployment challenges is synchronizing higher volumes of more densely packed base stations. Another is keeping services operating through Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) lapses due to vulnerabilities such as jamming, spoofing or loss of signal. Microchip Technology Inc., via its Microsemi subsidiary, is solving these and other challenges for networks with additions to its Precision Time Protocol (PTP) PackeTime® portfolio including the TimeProvider 4100 Release 2.0.



EDI CON Online


EDI CON Online Will Reach Global Audience

Sponsored By EDI CON Online

The Electronic Design Innovation Conference and Exhibition (EDI CON) announced that this year, in conjunction with Microwave Journal (MWJ) and Signal Integrity Journal (SIJ), it will host an online, interactive event for high frequency and high speed design engineers on September 10-12, 2019. The interactive technical sessions will occur at no cost to attendees, and sponsors will have the opportunity to present workshops and keynote sessions as part of the daily schedule. Learn More.


Webinar available on-demand

GaN for DC to DC Converters and Voltage Regulators: Available On-Demand

GaN offers many advantages compared to silicon MOSFETS, including smaller size, lower on state resistance, more stable gate voltage, much lower capacitance resulting in higher speed, lower inductance connection inductance and manufacturable using existing silicon wafer fabs and the promise of lower cost. With all of these benefits, mass adoption should be instantaneous, right? Yet, engineers are slow to change, in part due to a lack of credible information and in part due to fear of the unknown. In this webinar, Steve Sandler will answer important questions and provide the essential information you need and allay your fears. View the on-demand presentation to discover more.


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