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High Bandwidth Connectors: Sorting Out What Matters

Exceeding the speed limit is the theme of this issue of Signal Integrity Journal (SIJ), and nowhere is speed more of a design concern than for connectors. As connectors get smaller and denser while handling faster speeds, there is a significant chance that signal interference and crosstalk will increase. The following is a compilation of everyone’s thoughts on what’s new, what’s real, and what we should be worried about.

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Validating IBIS Models with Measurements

At the University of Colorado, Eric Bogatin and students Thomas Rutkowski and Huy Nguyen look for a way to validate IBIS models, bringing measured data from a scope into a simulation environment. This article includes an explanation of how the team compared predicted results of the IBIS model supplied by the vendor, the results from a generic model, and measured results from a randomly selected part.

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